Linton Jenkins

Linton has 30 years experience as a builder of racing dinghies. A specialist in Composite Construction, he is the builder,and joint designer of the iFoil and is based in Portland, UK.

Jonathon Howes

Jon has spent his career in the aviation industry andwas team leader for thecertification of loads andstructures for the world’slargest passenger aircraft,the Airbus A380.Jon developed the concept of the ventilated surface running foil.

Mark Wagner

Mark built his first hydrofoil boat in 1974 and has a longstanding interest in high-speed sailing. He has a background in finance and investment management and is the chairman of Tomahawk Foils Ltd.


Tomahawk Foils Ltd is the developer of the iFoil and owner of the underlying technology and intellectual property. Our surface-running foil is a radically simple, compact system that can be applied to marine craft at all scales to provide higher speeds and lower energy use. 

Possible Uses:

  • High-speed motorboats (civilian or military)
  • Personal watercraft
  • Sailing Boats of all sizes
  • High-speed ferries