The iFoil has been in progressive development over several years. In the early days we started with a slalom board with plenty of buoyancy while the bulk of the foil system was developed. Once the foils were giving reliable results attention started to turn towards the board. Did we actually need a bow to a board or could we get away with having just enough forward buoyancy to float the rig and at the same time reducing the windage in breezy conditions?

As it turned out we did need a bow to be a sensible sea going product. However we could start to make it sexy with sub stance. We could have water line length for early bottom end speed, enough buoyancy to make it easy to tack, yet still cutting the windage down dramatically. With the board running on foils we are also able to carry extra board width (lev erage) with any drag penalty. It was now time for the first major

Things were taking shape and now it was time for the "Black and White" to be refined. Every 1kg of weight reduced the board's performance so we moved to a high end pre-preg monocoque construction. We reshaped the hull committing to the tunnel design, we added in yet more leverage and reworked the deck shape for better ergonomics for a more comfortable ride. To really bring it up to the 21st century we put in LED arrays.