The iFoil

Surprisingly, the iFoil is easier to learn to sail than a conventional windsurfer. Our breakthrough technology means that with iFoil, sailors of all abilities - even complete beginners can enjoy the hydrofoiling experience. While up on the foils (surface running), the iFoil manouvers just like a regular windsurfer, but due to the iFoil's stable centre of gravity the sailor's feet can stay in a fixed position.


Board and foils are supplied separately. All three foils are easily inserted into their housings and bolted into place.

Setting Up Your iFoil

The iFoil can be used with any standard windsurfing rig. After plugging in your rig, you will need about 750mm of water depth to launch.

Sailing: Getting Started

Climb aboard, up haul to the secure position and get your front foot into the strap. Depending on your weight, place your back foot on the centre line, just in front of or in line with the back foot strap.

Start to sheet in. Keeping the board level or slightly leeward heal helps get the maximum lift out of the foils. Stay on a reach - you want the board to come up longitudinally level. This may feel strange if you have windsurfed before!

Sailing: Surface Running

As you pick up pace, you will feel the board rising up onto the foils. Keep the speed on and resist the temptation to head up until after you are fully surface running. Once surface running, put your foot into the back foot strap, sheet on hard and enjoy the ride!

Sailing At Night

Sailing At Night

The iFoil Takes It To The Future!

Things move on and back in the late 1880s people would have thought driving was extreme enough and driving at night, absolute madness. Of course now, the ground breaking work is forgotten about, and it is all taken for granted.

With today’s super bright LED technology we are able to pack over 390KLux Average with the size and weight of 3 AA batteries. Battery technology that has also moved on making it light weight enough not to be detrimental to the performance of the board.

Do's & Don'ts

It’s a unique, surreal and spooky experience which is awesome- but it has to be done in a controlled manner. Here are a few suggestions to make it a safe venture. Please also respect the TFL disclaimer.