About The iFoil Hydrofoil Windsurfer

High-Speed Hydrofoil Windsurfing With Unmatched Stability & Control, Thanks To Our New "Surface-Running" Foil Technology

Our full technical page is coming soon, for full specification details visit here

iFoil is the world's first hydrofoil windsurfer that gives you both the sailing dynamics of a conventional windsurfer AND the experience of flying on hydrofoils!

Introducing our new patented surface-running hydrofoil with no moving parts, and for the first time ever in a windsurfer - all carbon fibre monocoque sandwich construction. Find out more on our Technical page.


  • Your iFOIL custom built in England
  • Bespoke iFOIL design
  • Limited availability
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  • Radical new board shape
  • Super-lightweight construction
  • Simple setup
  • Waterproof LEDs for night sailing